Student Organizations


The principle of the student’s right to association is upheld by this College as mandated by the Education Act of 1982 which states that: 

The right to form, establish, join and participate in organizations and societies recognized by the school to foster the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual and physical growth and development, or to form, establish, or join and maintain organization or societies not contrary to law. 

1. Extra curricular organizations in this College must be given recognition by the Student Affairs Office and co-curricular organizations by the Academic Affairs Office. 

2. The application for recognition shall state the name, purpose and by-laws of the organization, initial or core members and financial statement of the past year. Upon approval of their application, they are granted recognition.

 3. All student organizations shall have at least one faculty adviser who shall be responsible for compliance of the organization with the college policies.

 4. Student organizations should have the name of the College appended to their names such as “Mondriaan Aura Future Educators.”

 5. Fraternities, sororities and similar societies are not allowed in the College.

 6. Sectarian, denominational organization or cults that preach a particular dogma or practice are likewise not allowed, to maintain the harmony, tranquility and religious tolerance prevailing in the College.

 7. Hazing, initiation and other related rituals are banned for violence, indignity, and departure from acceptable values of brotherhood fellowship and dignity of man.

 8. Outside activities, meetings and convocation sponsored by a recognized student organization must be duly approved by the College President or his representative.

 9. Application for recognition for all student organization shall be on a yearly basis.

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