The student body is composed of several nationalities counting among them Americans, Koreans, Taiwanese and Japanese. The majority who are Filipinos come from different geographical locations, but mainly from Zambales, Bataan and Pampanga.

Considering the varied geographical and national origins of our students, English is the preferred medium of instruction and communication, although Japanese (Nihongo), Korean and Chinese are encouraged as elective or optional courses.

A dress code for students is being implemented (see the Student Manual for proper guidance). A prescribed uniform for both male and female students is in use. Exemption from wearing of uniform can be availed for various reasons such as age, work, and others. Students are advised to consult the office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Student Affairs Office, for various concerns.

Student organizations are encouraged and guidelines for their recognition are laid down. Join only recognized organizations. Student organizations which are not sanctioned by the College should be avoided!

A school paper “Vision Quest“, is in existence for the last sixteen years and is a manifestation of the administration’s commitment to democratic space.



Students of Aura are called Auristas.

Auristas adhere to the College’s principles of academic excellence, professional responsibility and social awareness

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