Dr. Aurora Gutana-Geniza Socialized Education Program (AGGSEP)

The Dr. Aurora Gutana-Geniza Socialized Education Program (AGGSEP) is the best embodiment of the College’s vision for social responsibility and concern for the less fortunate but deserving students. Competitive examinations are given and recommendation of government and non-government officials are required as well as a background check to verify the social and economic status of the applicant. Based on these criteria, grants from twenty five to one hundred percent are awarded. The Dr. Aurora Gutana-Geniza Scholarship Program is of two types.

1. Socialized Education Program

Socialized Education Program for students whose families are financially unable of sending them through college. This is available only for the 1st semester of every academic year, and the requirements are as follows:
1.1 High School Grade Average not lower than 85%.
1.2 Recommendation from the High School Principal.
1.3 Recommendation from Barangay Captain or Parish Priest.
1.4 Income Tax Return or Parents or Certificate of Exemption from BIR.
1.5 Result of Mondriaan Aura College Entrance Examinations with score not lower than 85 percentile.
1.6 Screening of applicants will be done using the following criteria:

a. Qualifying Examination 30%
b. High School Average 15%
c. Family Financial Status 30%
d. Interview 25%

1.7 The subsidy will be awarded to the applicant depending on the number of points as stated below:

96-100 1 100
90-95 2 75
80-89 3 50
70-79 4 25

1.8 The scholarship subsidy covers tuition fees only. The student shall pay for the miscellaneous and other fees.

1.9 Students under the AGGSEP may be required to render 105 hours service in the different sections of the College as needed.

2. The Academic Scholarship Program

Applicants who did not qualify for the Socialized Education Program (SEP) after the screening may avail of the Academic Scholarship Program. Procedure for application is as follows:
2.1 The student enrolls for the first semester as full-paying student
2.2 At the end of the first semester or before enrolling for the second semester, the student applies for the Academic Scholarship Program provided that he has no grade lower than 2.0, has no failing grades (5.0), and enrolled in at least 18 units. The scale for the level of scholarship grant awarded to the student stated as follows:

1 100 1.00-1.10
2 75 1.11-1.25
3 50 1.26-1.50
4 25 1.51-2.00

2.3 The same retention policy applies to the Academic Scholar, but loses his grant if he incurs a grade lower than 2.0.

2.4 Interested students may secure an application form for Academic Scholarship and submit the same with photocopy of the class cards on or before the deadline posted/announced by the Guidance Office.

For more information, please contact:

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Head, Guidance and Testing Center

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