April 28, 2020


TO :    The Aura Academic Community

FR :     Arturo P. Caseñas Jr.
            Dean for Academic Affairs

RE :     Summer Classes, AY 2019-2020


Students who are not yet enrolled in Summer Classes may download the Summer 2020 Online Enrollment form from https://bit.ly/3aMNDzC.  Detailed steps for enrollment are indicated in the form.

Due to the circumstances brought by the COVID-19 crisis, Summer Classes for AY 2019-2020 will be conducted from May to June 2020 through Blended learning (BL).  BL is a learning mode wherein face-to-face and online instruction are integrated.  In BL, classes will be mainly conducted ONLINE using various learning tools like video conferencing, learning management systems, and other collaboration software.  Should there be no government restrictions, face-to-face interaction may be conducted within June 22-27, 2020 as the needs require.  For classes which require the use of laboratories, laboratory activities may be held on-campus within June 15-27, 2020.

Physical distancing measures will be implemented to help ensure the health and safety of everyone.  If access to the campus is not possible, alternative activities may be conducted in place of laboratory activities as deemed applicable by the faculty.  Laboratory activities which may not be substituted will be arranged on a later schedule.  Discounts on miscellaneous fees for ONLINE classes will be announced later.

Thank you very much.

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